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Car Repair Warranty Plans in Clearfield, UT

The Cutting Edge Auto Care Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor

Cutting Edge Auto Care is offering a Lifetime Warranty on parts and labor when using higher quality parts. We are also offering a 5 year, 50k mile nationwide nationwide warranty on all repairs. While most other shops only offer a 12 month/ 12k mile warranty, Cutting Edge Auto Care is confident in the quality of our repairs and we back it up with our industry leading warranty. We are dedicated to making sure every repair done at our shop is done right the first time.

Disclaimer: Lifetime Warranty is restricted to certain repairs. Repairs must be performed with quality, lifetime warranty parts and is not valid on normal wear items or recommended maintenance type items. Any warranty is not transferable and the lifetime warranty can only be honored at Cutting Edge Auto Care, LLC’s location in which the original repair was performed. For parts or repairs that don’t qualify for the Lifetime Warranty, we are now offering a 5 year, 50k mile nationwide warranty. Excludes engines, transmissions and internal components. To keep any warranty in effect, some maintenance terms may apply. Cutting Edge Auto Care, LLC reserves the right to void any warranty if there is evidence of abuse, modification, neglect or anything else that caused premature failure. Cutting Edge Auto Care, LLC will not warranty on parts of the vehicle that were not repaired at Cutting Edge Auto Care, LLC, regardless of damage. Other exceptions may apply. If customer brings own parts, there is no warranty on labor. no exceptions. Used parts, that are provided by Cutting Edge Auto Care, come with a 1 year labor warranty against installation error and does not include if the used parts fails prematurely. Fleet vehicles will only be warrantied for 12 months or 12k miles.

Lifetime Warranty parts may include, but not limited to steering and suspension components, shocks/struts, starters, alternators, cv axles, master cylinders, brake boosters, fuel pumps, mufflers, water pumps, thermostats, steering gear box, power steering pumps, ignition parts, blower motors, heater cores, brake calipers, etc.

Normal wear and tear items as well as items that fall under recommended maintenance do not qualify for the Lifetime Warranty. Wear and tear/maintenance items may include, but not limited to brake pads, brake rotors, tires, belts, wipers, fluids, some gaskets, timing belts, tune up items, alignment (unless lifetime alignment is purchased), etc.

If you have any questions regarding any part of this warranty, please contact us.